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Tax Certificate And HNWI

Obtain your tax residence in Georgia and benefit from the tax advantages
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Georgia Tax Residence

Obtain your tax residence in Georgia

We process your tax residence in Georgia if you reside at least 183 days a year (consecutive or intercalated) and you will obtain your tax certificate in less than 1 week. Contact us if you have particular requests and wish to obtain tax residence through HNWI.

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How Georgia Tax Residency Functions

Georgia stands out as a destination with appealing tax incentives for international individuals, complemented by a territorial tax system exempting foreign income from government taxation. However, it’s crucial to discern that not all income from foreign sources qualifies as such.

Within Georgia’s regulatory framework, two distinct residencies take precedence: legal residence and tax residence. To unlock the aforementioned fiscal advantages, obtaining tax residency within the state becomes imperative. Notably, legal residency and tax residency can be mutually exclusive or coexist seamlessly.

For those holding Georgia tax residency, the obligation extends to paying state taxes. Moreover, Georgia has entered into approximately 56 double taxation avoidance agreements, offering residents opportunities to leverage income from treaty member countries. In practical terms, being a tax resident of Georgia and receiving income from a treaty member exempts you from local taxes on foreign rental income, overseas property, foreign income, foreign investments, or any business operations subjected to tax in different jurisdictions.

This unique intersection of tax benefits, streamlined residency options, and international agreements positions Georgia as an attractive hub for those seeking a favorable tax environment and a strategic foothold for global ventures. Understanding the intricacies of Georgia’s tax residency system can be a catalyst for informed decision-making, whether it’s for personal financial planning, business expansions, or strategic investments.”

Tax Residence

Obtain your fiscal residence through the 183-day Rule, and you can enjoy the tax benefits that Georgia offers, to improve your financial health

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Exclusive option to become a personal tax resident of Georgia without needing to meet the standard 183-day

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Thanks to our vast cross-border and wealth planning expertise, we are the ideal partner for relocating to Georgia

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