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Proof of Address

PROOF OF ADDRESS for Individuals and Businesses

Get access to services that require address verification Protect your privacy and personal information.


Need a Proof of Address?

Eligible Address Verification Need proof of address to confirm your place of residence or business, but don't want (or can't) use your own address? Our service will provide you with an address in one of our buildings across Europe and an official statement as proof of address.



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Depending on your needs, you can additionally request notarization, legalization, translation, and apostille of the Proof of Address.

Proof of Address Eligible for Any Purpose

Notarization of Proof of Address

Official Certification by Notary Public Notarization is a process where a notary public, who is a certified official appointed by the government, verifies the authenticity of a document. Notarization is used to prevent fraud and to provide a level of assurance that the document is authentic and legally binding. Notarization is often required for legal documents such as vital records certificates, contracts, deeds, and affidavits, as well as for other documents that require verification of authenticity, such as passports or academic transcripts. You can order a Proof of Address notarized and certified by our Notary Public.


Apostille for Proof of Address

Official Government-Issued Authentication An apostille is a type of authentication that verifies the authenticity of a public document for use in another country. The apostille is a certificate that is attached to the original document by a competent authority, such as a government agency, and serves as proof that the document is genuine. The apostille was established by the Hague Convention in 1961, which is an international treaty that allows for the simplified legalization of documents between member countries. Apostilles are typically used for documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, and academic transcripts that need to be recognized in another country for legal or administrative purposes. You can order a Proof of Address with an official Apostille.


Translation of Proof of Address

Official Sworn Translation into Another Language An official sworn translation is a translation of a document that has been certified as accurate and complete by a sworn translator. A sworn translator is a professional who has been authorized by a government agency or a court to provide official translations of documents. The purpose of an official sworn translation is to provide a translation of a document that has the same legal validity and effect as the original document. The sworn translator is required to swear an oath that they have translated the document accurately and completely and that they are competent to translate the language of the original document into the target language. You can order a Proof of Address with an official Sworn Translation into the language of your choice.