Lite Accounting
Designed for LLCs, Individual Entrepreneurs, and freelancers with simple accounting needs who are not VAT registered


  • Reverse VAT declarations
  • Tax withholding declarations
  • Submitting invoices to
  • Basic procedural questions
  • Fixed pricing based on typical monthly transaction volume
  • Submit any mandatory reports to the Statistics Service
Business Accounting
Designed for LLCs (inc. VZ, ICS, FIZ). Or, Individual Entrepreneurs with more complex accounting needs


  • All in the “Lite” package.
  • VAT registration & qualification
  • Monthly VAT declarations and input VAT reclaim
  • Mandatory financial reporting to
  • Does not include tax advice
Premium Accounting
Premium service goes beyond accounting. We offer ongoing support from tax, accounting, and business legal specialists


  • All in the “Business” package.
  • 30-minutes / month tax consulting
  • Review of your tax structure with recommendations
  • Preparing all tax payments on your behalf via BoG/TBC Internet Banking


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