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FBC: A Premier Legal Firm in Georgia

Founded in Tbilisi in 2018, FBC stands out as one of the foremost Georgian law firms, established by legal professionals educated in both Georgia and Germany.

Distinguished by innovation and pragmatic approaches, our lawyers are dedicated to meeting clients’ legal needs through hard work and strategic thinking. The key to their success lies in close coordination and collaboration with clients, earning recognition for their unwavering commitment to representing client interests.

Unlike aspiring to be the largest firm in terms of offices or lawyers, our objective is to be the preferred choice for clients facing complex legal issues, significant business transactions, and critical disputes. At FBC, we prioritize quality over quantity, aiming to be the trusted partner for clients navigating their most challenging legal landscapes.

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We have received more than 150 juryand court trial victories.

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Sulkhan Gvelesiani

Managing Partner, Lawyer

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Practice Area

Our lawyers offer clients a range of integrated global capabilities, including some of the world’s most active M&A, real estate, financial services, litigation and corporate risk practices

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Firm Inception in Tbilisi

FBC, a leading Georgian law firm, founded in Tbilisi by legal experts educated in Georgia and Europa.

Innovative Legal Practices

FBC stands out for innovative and pragmatic legal approaches, earning a reputation for strategic thinking and client-focused solutions.

Diverse Practice Areas Expansion

FBC expands its offerings to include Business Law, Real Estate Law, Immigration Law, Tax Law, Employment Law, and Criminal Law.

Elite Consultation Services Introduction

FBC introduces elite consultation services, specializing in legal intricacies, tax matters, business registration, immigration, residency, and real estate

Featured Professionals

Introducing our distinguished team at FBC – a synergy of legal expertise, consulting acumen, and investment insight. Founded in 2018 in Tbilisi, our team, comprised of seasoned lawyers, consultants, and investors, stands ready to elevate your legal and business pursuits. Discover excellence with our multifaceted approach, where innovation meets commitment

Sulkhan Gvelesiani


Is a member of Georgian Bar association; Acting as Judge’s Assistant at District court of Tiergarten in Berlin, Germany. Acting as Lawyer at German Brand Association in Berlin, Germany

Darren Horvath


Ambassador Horvath is a former member of the SABAN South Australian Business Ambassador Network for the South Australian Government

Carlos GilMore


Trader and Investor: With a robust background in trading and investment, I bring valuable expertise in the dynamic realm of Asia's import/export markets, particularly in China, Japan, and India. My experience encompasses a comprehensive understanding of the intricate trading dynamics within these markets, positioning me as a strategic asset in international trade.

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